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First off, with reference to civi/mil, FedEx does hire mostly military, but that is not actually due so much to a bias as to the recommendation program, where you pretty much have to know a FedEx pilot you've flown with to recommend you to the job, and since 90% of the pilots are military, guess who knows FedEx pilots?

I think that the day varies depending on what you want to do. At FedEx, approx 70% of our flying is widebody aircraft. We currently operate about 220 widebodies, as compared to say, UAL, who have less than 150 but also have over twice the number of pilots we do.

We have two types of domestic schedule, and the split is very close to 50/50, with a slight edge for night flying, but that is almost exclusively narrow body flying that makes the difference. In fact, I would wager that it is entirely the narrow bodies that are flying more at night. The schedule is similar AM or PM, leaving the outstation to arrive at the hub at between 10 or 12, then departing between 2 and 4 to get into the outstation by 5 or so for the layover. We also have out and backs, both AM and PM, in either case you leave the hub at 2-4 and arrive back by 11-1. PM ones are obviously easier on the body.

FedEx also has the most comprehensive international route schedule of any carrier on the planet. Most of my flying has been international. My last trip departed MEM at 3AM, went to Anchorage, arriving about 6AM, then departed the next morning at 10AM for Narita, we were there for about 24 hours, departing there at about 10AM local time to fly to Manila and then to Hong Kong, lay over for 24 hours, departing there about 9PM to fly to Subic Bay then hub turn to Narita, to arrive at 6AM, and 14 hours later depart for Anchorage, arrive there at noon, then leave the next afternoon to get back to Memphis by midnight or so.

Other trips just operate over to Paris for 24 hours and return, many go around the world, in either direction. We fly between Europe and Asia via direct flights between Paris and Subic Bay, flights from Frankfurt to Bangkok and another that operates both directions from Paris-Dubai-Mumbai-Bangkok-Subic. We also have direct flights from Osaka to Memphis and Oakland, San Fran to Narita and Memphis to Narita, plus direct flights to Europe from Memphis, Newark and Indy.

I'm not as familar with Latin America flying, but we do a lot of that as well.

One thing that always amazes me is going through Subic, which is clearly a third world country, and right in the middle of this tropical jungle is this hub with 7-8 MD-11s and several A-310s, every night of the week. Sort of surreal to me.


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$20 per person or for the both of them?

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Well ... how bout I cut you a deal - $50 for the two of 'em!

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