Sportys or King?


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I want to start studying for my instrument rating and have been looking at both ths Sportys and the King dvds. A friend of mine has the King set and likes them. What do all of you think of them? Is one better than the other?
I have Sportys
In my opinion, I found then lacking a lot of inf. if you decide to by it. used it only as a quick references guide when you don;t feel like reading the books.
i ve been using sportys for private groundschool and it blows! i just bought a jepp book instead. i dont know about instrument though.
I have really been impressed with ASA's stuff. It is really well put together and it isn't dorky, unlike both the aforementioned companies. In fact, I am huge fan of all their stuff. I used their CFI DVD to study for my CFI, it was great.

I watched the Sporty's Instrument tape; I will just say, go for the King stuff if you only are going to get one or the other.
I'm another fan of ASA. Get the third book in their Flight Training series called "Instrument Flying" and a copy of Gleim and that's all you need, and forget any videos or DVDs. In fact with the money you save there, pick up a copy of MS Flight Simulator if you don't have it already. It really helped me out during (and after) IFR training.
Thanks everyone. I am wanting to get my written out of the way before I start at ATP next year. I have a 2001 ASA Test Prep book I can use. I may buy my friends King set when he is done with it.
Congrats Smokey! Did you take the II immediately following? If not... get back there and do it! Keep up the good work!

I'm all about King. Mmmm....Martha...

Regardless of which you choose...don't forget that you can rent from if you think you can get through the videos in 7 days!
I agree with Dazzler... I'd take a copy of flight sim + an hour of real instrument flying + about 50 39c cheesburgers over any of those videos.... in fact if you want my sportys instrument dvds I'll be happy to sell 'em to you but I doubt you want them now
One of my students really liked the Jeppenson CDS over the King CDs. Like some students, he was very sick of Martha and some of the lame attempts at humor. Can't say that I blame him; although some people like that because it makes the learning more interesting.
Also went with KING. Got a 97 only 2 missed questions. Get the interactive cd rom version that test you on the questions after each segment of video. Very good.
Jeppesen is much better.

You can get the sporty's first disc for free, and I think you'll have an easy decision after that, that it is not the one to get.

If you can handle watching King videos, go for it. Most just can't put up with those folks for long enough to get a good learning session in.

The Jeppesen interactive stuff is really good. Kinda fun even.
It follows along well with their printed book, and even includes a digital version of the book on the CD. Interactive learning sessions, with a quiz at the end of each. Take tests as you see fit. After a couple sample tests of above 80%, they will print out a completion certificate. You can either send that in to have someone sign it I believe, or do what I did with mine, and have your CFI sign it. Meets the 'reviewed your home study' requirement option in the FARs.

I'd bet if Jeppesen made a demo of their software, King and Sporty's would be pushed out of the business.
I second that vote.. I bought the Sporty's set and it lacks alot... I was looking at the ASA or King for Private / Instrument and they seemd much better !!
One arguement for the DVD's: I am a visual learner. If it is demonstrated to me with a visual explanation I am 90% more likely to remember conceptualize it and learn it. Or if we go back to the old RUAC, first I get it by Rote, then I understand it, after that I apply this to my skills and then I correlate it all together. (HA, I missed that on my initial.)

But seriously, the DVD's really make sense if you like visual representations of concepts. I also wholeheartdly agree with the sim idea. I use X-plane (Aloft is the only other person I know that does. It is based on physics, not visual representations.)

Regarding the Jepp stuff: I think the Jepp stuff is really great and i used it throughout. But you will find that Jepp is a little high on themselves when it comes to price.
I used the ASA test prep and found it very helpful. I also used Sporty's free test online.

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You are correct, Sporty's test online it is great.
I kept taking the online test until I was consistently getting above 90, then I took the real test and got a 95.