Sheble Aviation Recent Guage


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Hi folks,

I was at Sheble's in August and finished up my commercial single, was wondering if anybody has any recent guage on them for the multi. I am well aware of what Sheble's is or is not, I had a mostly positive experience and was wondering if anybody has finished their multi there within the last month or so. Sheble just had their last on staff DPE's authorization revoked, while I was there, so I am wondering how they are dealing with that?

Yes sir.

Do you know why?

Heard this really puts them in a tight spot because he was one of the only (if not THE only) AMES and AMES examiners in the state.
Dont know why. Had checkride with him in 2010 and seemed by the book. Been following whats happening there cause I want to get my MEI in the spring.