Airline hiring story…..what do you think?

I totally understand and agree with you but keeping it honest, I would probably struggle with the private pilot questions at this point.

Which is a fair point. However, being a professional, you would also put a modicum of preparation in and, perhaps, bone up on the relevant Part 61 and 91 requirements before applying for a CFI job. Maybe review the ACS and stuff on endorsements before the interview.

Sounds like this guy didn't do that.
That's why we work as CFI's, teaching it keeps everything fresh. I assume had that interviewee been actually prepared for the interview and was well presented, the logbook signature would not have been a big issue.
Dumbest thing ever, I've never seen a reg that says sign a logbook page. Easier way around this would be to put one big statement and signature right on the cover of the logbook to satisfy those who split the hairs of non-existent things.
It's really odd that everyone is so worried about logbooks in the interview. I never understood that. Maybe I wasn't stressed enough or something.

Anyways, welcome to the industry of 90% rumors that aren't true. They will never end no matter which path you take, lol.

I was super stressed about my logbooks, especially when there was a post by the proprietor of Ready Set Takeoff on the RST Interview page of the legacy I was interviewing at saying people have been having issues during the logbook review. He then went on to give no details at all about what the actual issues were. A few of us sent him messages asking what the issues were and he never responded.

Anywho, my logs weren't perfect at all, and nothing was ever mentioned to me in the interview.