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Heya everyone,

I'm curious if anyone has input in renters insurance. As of right now, I don't carry any. It's never been a concern of mine as my FBO carry's insurance on it's renters. But once I'm not living in this area at all, I'll be flying down in Kalamazoo all the time, and I've read some rental agreements that say that renters should have renters insurance.

So...who else has it here?

I'm checking out AOPA IA right now. This stuff is expensive if you want to actually insure for the cost of the airplane! I put in some figures and $500,000 worth of coverage on stuff I hit on the ground, and $20,000 worth of bending the airplane will cost me $410 a year. That's not even including multi aircraft, so once I get my multi rating I think I'll need even more coverage.

Anyone have experience with this stuff?

Thanks for any input!


John Herreshoff
Most of the students/renters at the FBO I work at use the AOPA-IA. The way we work it, is that we cover the regular renters' and students' non-owners insurance. They are, however, required to sign a statement of financial responsibility to cover loss of use and/or our deductible in the event of a claim (not to exceed $5k). Therefore, they do not have to have property damage/injury liability insurance in the full amount of the aircraft they fly. Unfortnately, they are still required to get Property Damage/Bodily Injury liability coverage because AOPA won't sell you basic liability insurance (the option on the back of the form) unless you do. And basic liability insurance is all our students/renters really need if they regularly rent with us. All in all, they end up paying $250/year because they get the cheapest property damage/injury liability insurance (for $125, which they don't technically need, since we cover that anyways and they only have to have it to buy the other stuff that we require) and then they get the cheapest basic liability plan ($5000 worth, since thats the limit of their financial responsibility), for another $125.

Also, if you're getting your CFI soon, you may want to look into Falcon Insurance (through NAFI) for coverage doing that...I found that theirs was better than AOPA's.

If you have any specific questions, fire away, I'll help as best I can!
I have renters insurance through AOPA (it cost about $160 I believe) and I got it just to be safe incase anything did happen.

I know a LOT of people who don't carry insurance, but I spoke with a few people I respect (my CFI for one) and they said you'd be crazy not to. My FBO has this statement in their rental agreement and on their website: "Customers are responsible for all damage to the aircraft or any other property due to negligence or pilot error. All aircraft are insured for our protection, but not for the protection of the Customers. Customers are subject to subrogation by our insurance company. Customers are strongly encouraged to purchase a renter's insurance policy to protect themselves in the event of damage, injury or litigation."

Therefore I have renter's insurance. Through AOPA, and for the same coverage levels you named (that's the same premium I paid when I got the policy).

a few weeks back the 182RG at our local FBO (rental) was out on a trip with a renting pilot. He blew the landing, and by all accounts has totaled the airplane. He was quite sorry, and said so to the FBO, and said he would pay the deductible for the FBOs hull insurance as his way of helping.. Turns out the FBO did not carry hull insurance. Only Liability. There has been a rush by the students/renters at this FBO to get renters insurance.
I happened to be highly t'd off because of this. It is a good idea, but I had a surprising experience in my training.
I took my instructor's written pre-solo test and passed. Then she tells me, "Before you solo you have to get renter's insurance". Mannnn, I shoulda been told that a LONG time ago. I had never heard of it until then. Woulda took money from my last job to pay for it since I quit that job to train more frequently and took this crummy-paying line job, or I woulda took more out in the loan to cover it, but instead I'm broke LOL!!!!!!!!
I started off mad at the insurance and the FBO, now I'm just mad at the FBO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mannnn, I shoulda been told that a LONG time ago.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yes, you should have. That sucks.
Hey John,

I just picked up some renters insurance this year through AOPA. I think it is the best deal out there, plus its AOPA and its good to support them. Its definately a good idea.