Paris to Medellin


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Joined the family in Paris for 5 days 2 weeks ago, then cashed in some points and headed down to Colombia. I've been crossing the pond my entire life on the North Atlantic Tracks. The 10 year old aviation geek in me was genuinely excited to be crossing the Atlantic much further south for the first time. It was pretty scary but cool knowing I was in the middle of the vast ocean in between 4 continents for the first time. I remember watching airline videos pre-YouTube as a teenager. Air Europa was one of the first airlines to make one of those videos so I was super excited to ride on them for the first time, and it was a B787. I had trouble checking in online so I called their customer service. The gentleman was very nice and I figured I'd ask about upgrades. Since I booked my ticket thru Amex Travel, they offered me a $500 upgrade to business which I happily took. It was well worth it on this long trek. I had a blast. I continue to enjoy sitting in the back of planes these days. Its much less stressful, much more enjoyable, I can have champagne, watch a movie, and eat and not have to worry about dosing off. :)


Crossing the Atlantic mid point between Europe and S. America


Palace of Versailles


Paris to Madrid, B737-800. In europe, business class is weird. Its the same seat as economy, except the middle seat is empty. wtf?


Pre Arrival meal into MDE/ Nice LARGE 787 windows

Air Europa had very comfy seats, very good quality meals, entertainment media was great.


sweet tooth weakness