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Does anyone out there have a copy of their Pan Am contract they can fax or email me (without your name of course). I was not shown the contract while I was there and was told I could only see it if I came back to the Academy (Phoenix) again. This doesn't make sense as I assume that you receive a copy of what you have signed. I only want to see it to help in my decision making process.
If Pan Am won't fax or mail you a copy of their contract, that should be your FIRST red flag. Once you do obtain a copy, have your lawyer go over it. I think that once you actually read and understand the contract, you will see that it is unreasonable and only protects Pan Am, NOT YOU the person who is actually spending the money to go there.
That is crazy. I've been in business for myself for ten years and have never heard of a vendor or service who will not fax you a copy of their contract to go over or will not let you see it until you need to take delivery of their services/product, and I have signed thousands of contracts. In my industry, you would go out of business if you did not cater to the customer. I would be very careful if they are not forthright with their policies/contracts right out of the gate, if they have nothing to hide then this should be no problem and they would be open with a binding document. I am dissapointed to hear this and other posts as I am searching schools for my son (I WAS interested with the Phoenix campus) and have not been pleased with Pan Am's reputation as most of the other schools do not have as many disgruntled students.

What is with their briefing policy I have heard so much about and is this still going on? Certainly you are not required to pay for an hour of brief time (for a 2.5 hour flight) if you are not receiving it, this seems unethical.

Also, what is the instructor/student ratio? One of the counselors told me that each instructor has no more that 3 students at a time, but in a post from months ago, I read that there may be 10 students per instructor. Has this changed or was that a stretch of the truth?
Although I didn't end up with Pan Am as my choice, when I asked for a copy of the contract they gave one to me on the spot. Maybe things are different in Arizona. Try calling the Florida location with a non-confrontational request for a contract. If you explain to them that you're interested in attending the school but that you want to make absolutly sure that you fully understand the terms of your agreement with them then they will probably give you one. Can't guarantee it, but that was my experience.

I was also given a copy of the contract before I signed up. After I had toured, and I decided on Pan Am, I called them up, and had no problem getting it.

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I will try them again. Actually I have already been excepted, done the tour and am dealing with a guy in Florida. I really thought it was no big deal and was surprised to hear it was even the slightest problem. I haven't been confrontational at all, just want my questions answered straightforward and honest as I do my homework on the schools I am considering.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were being confrontational. I just meant that it's easier to get what you want, and by you I don't mean you personally, if you take a non-confrontational approach to it.