Older style airspeed indicators 757/767

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It funny to think all these years I didn't know how close to stick shaker I really was....
You obviously did, though; Just not via a shiny screen-based presentation.
Growing up in the 90s, it's utterly astounding to me that any of the US moon missions actually made it to the moon without Garmin! How the heck did our fathers DO THAT???

I was thinking about that in flight one day at 390 in a 321 where, in Boeing terms, the upper and lower margins were tight as heck. I wondered how many times I was in a precarious airspeed situation.
Ah, hell man! It's ALL precarious... Act accordingly. ;)

Know the wing.
Fly the wing.
That's a truth that's here to stay!
Visually, tactily, or via gauge
AOA will save your day.
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