North American School of Aviation in Conway, South Carolina


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I just heard this school mentioned in a post somewhere on the site, and was just curious if anyone has any info about it? I checked out the website (, but it doesn't give a ton of info. Anyone been there, gone there, heard of this place? Thanks in advance...

All I know is that they like to send their students to North Carolina for the cross-country flights and they have a tendency to try to land on the military bases around here...
I'm also shopping for schools and have considered North American. My CFI went there and has very positive comments, even about the included housing. Here's what I gleaned from a phone conversation with them
(assuming you have a PPL):

Advanced Professional Program $26,000
5-7 months (this is accurate per my CFI)
Comm, Inst, Multi, CFI, CFII
Housing included, on-airport apartments 2BR/2BA, 2 guys to a room. Fully furnished right down to the plates and silverware. They use a Jeppesen syllabus & materials, class size 40, current school size ~120, ~225 hours total time at school (15 ME). They currently have 38 aircraft, 30 CFIs. No charge to audit PPL ground school. Located at Conway-Horry County Airport (HYW) one runway 4400' uncontrolled.

The price is very nice. I had intended to go to Flightsafety, but don't feel comfortable spending that kind of money. The NAIA program is lean on multi time, but with the $30,000 I save not going to FSI I can probably find another way to build multi time. Check back here in a week-I am going to visit the school this Friday (I live 3hrs away) and can report back what I find.
Hey, that sounds great, I'd love to hear what you think! Do you know if they hire their students when they complete the program or not?

I had looked at the school too, I'd recommend calling them because when I spoke to the guy he sent me updated information regarding their programs. Seemed like a pretty fair deal
I got some more info on this school, and it sounds like a great deal, I'll post some of the email I got, and I have a question for everyone also...

"The $26,411 is based on FAA minimums and therefore is an estimated cost.. The Advanced course consists of 77.5 hours in a 152, 75.0 hours in a 172, 28.5 hours in a Complex (172RG), 12.0 hours in a Multi-Engine (Piper Seminole), 13.0 hours in a AST-300 Multi-Engine Ground Trainer, 133.0 hours of dual flight training and 242 hours of ground school. If you got your MEI, you
would have around 27 hours of Multi-Engine time. I spoke with the person who does our student accounts and she said normally
a student would go over the cost by about $2,000-$3,000, some less, some more, but that is the average. "

The question I have is, does the lack of ME time that you would get by going here be a problem down the road? From the looks of the other schools, you would finish with about 55 hours ME time at FSI, and 125 at Pan Am (with the MERF program). I am just curious if the more ME time you get at the other schools really worth the extra cost?


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Even though the North American Institute of Aviation offers less multi time than other competitors (i.e. Wrightway, Flightsafety, etc) you can get hired as an instructor by them afterwards and after 500 hours dual will get to instruct in their multi engine airplanes. Right now I am an 18 year old private pilot and will be attending this school after college. I am graduating college a year early so ill be 21 when I go here. Im working on my instrument rating right now and will earn my ratings at Commercial, multi, CFI, CFII, and MEI here. I hope I can earn 200+ hrs multi!!! Good luck to everyone. Corey