Non-Profit Org. For Furloughed Pilots


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Hello everyone, I started a free website Furloughed.ORG for furloughed pilots to keep in touch and find old friends and coworkers that they lost contact with. It's basic, you sign up with your name, email, initials, airline, date of hire, date of furlough etc... and you can specify what you want visible to the public. in other words, you can make it as simple as just your initials and your date of hire... If you're furloughed please consider registering so the project gets bigger and actually works. It's a non-profit, it's free to sign up. I started it to help old friends find each other. Please PM me or email me at for questions, concerns, or ideas. Thanks.

Oh yeah one other thing, you get a sticker you can put on your flight case for registering. It's on the website.

That's a nice idea and you're a gentleman and a scholar for doing it. People do get lost over the years.

pprune has a section for "Whatever Happen To..." where people can ask about missing persons but I don't know if any US-dominated av forum has such a thing.
I've been furloughed myself and lost a couple of friends that way. I'm sure it's happened to many. Furloughed but not forgotten.