New Rules and Disclosure FAA and VA Disability


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Hi Doc,

I will like to sound you out on this one. Considering the new rules where you need to disclose all ailments on the new medical form, i had my last medical on May 4 2007 which was a 1st Class issued. Sometime in September of 2007, i was given a medical discharged from the Military for an agonising back problem because i turned down surgery.(it turns out i have a bulging lower disk) Over the last several months with theraphy, my back has improved greatly, i can sit for extended periods without discomfort and i am lifting objects again without any issues.

Anyway,this is my fear. i want to renew my 1st class medical but i currently receive disability benefits from the VA for my back pain, which i mentioned earlier has ceased to be anything of worry, left shoulder pain and Hypertension, which was controlled with "water pills" I have not taken any Hypertension medication in over a Year and my blood pressure has been normal . I have been flying actively this past few months with no issues of pain or discomfort and i will like to get back to pursuing a career as a commercial Pilot.

Am i obligated to release all this information on my appilcation for the renewal of my 1st class even though my last physical in the summer shows me to be in excellent shape? By the way, i will be turning 39 this year.

I guess since i quit the military lifestyle of running 7-10 miles a day, jumping out of airplanes, etc my body has regulated itself

Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful new year.
Yes, you are obligated to reveal the information. The FAA understands the VA disability system so they will review why you are on disability and probably just let it slide. What the AME write in box 60 is a big help in getting this accomplished.
Hi Doc,

Big thanks you helped calm my nerves. I went to my local AME Yesterday and my 1st class was issued on the spot, regardless of my VA disability. I laid everything out that was in my military record. My Blood pressure was normal, i took all my VA paper work, also took a copy of my recent Physical and the Doc did a through screen and said he found nothing wrong that will disqualify me and issued the document.:nana2:

Thanks again and have a great weekend