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Anyone know which PTS have been revised. I am getting back into teaching, and still have all the PTS from 2001. Any significant changes?
Private, Commercial, and CFI have all been revised as of August 1, 2002. There are significant changes. There have been maneuvers added and new definitions for slow flight as well as the removal of minimum altitude requirements in some maneuvers. Also, there are 2 new manuevers required in the commercial PTS.

Purchase the PPL and CPL PTS books. They only cost about $4.50. Besides, would you send a student up for a checkride without current charts, FAR's, PTS, etc..? You would be cheating your students if you weren't teaching them from the current PTS.
They added "Steep Spiral" to the commercial PTS.

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The steep favorite maneuver (just kidding). They also added a simulated engine out / short approach type landing also. You cut power on downwind, pick a spot on the runway ,and turn in and hit that spot. Fun Fun!
My instructor made me do those power off 180's for my private stuff. Fun manuver.


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DAMN! Just realized I bought the Instructor MULTI PTS! Need th single engine one, DOH!

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Oh well... I'm sure you'll need it eventually! Of course it may be different by then.