New Japanese ASW Aircraft (P-1)


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I came across an article about this aircraft and was intrigued by it's similarities to our own Navy P-3. As we phase out this airframe, they throw on some new fans and give it life. I don't know much of anything about the history of the P-3, or how these aircraft are related. It seems the P-3 was originally produced by Lockheed, and the P-1 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan. It's interesting though, maybe someone can shed some light?

The Navy should have taken a cue from the Japanese and built a new ASW platform from the ground up instead of building on the 737 airframe. The penny pinchers in D.C. like to save money by building off of already built airframe designs. I hate that the Navy has consolidated platforms to different types of the same airframe such as the MH-60 and F/A-18. The Navy also lacks a good at-sea based ASW aircraft. If we ever go up against an adversary that has a decent sub fleet with newer technology, the MH-60R does not have the range and capability to protect the carrier battle group from a sub attack.