My first dollar earned in aviation!!!


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Ok well it’s not as great as it sounds. I was flying scenic flights with a friend of mine the other day and the passengers tipped me because they loved my impromptu tour. Alas! It is the first $5 towards paying back my loan.
On a more serious note my local school is getting me up to speed and listed on their insurance so finally I can start earning.
It was pretty cool to get my first aviation paycheck a few months was only for 1 hour of company time and ended up being a whoping $5.40 in take home pay.
Ahhh the life of a professional flight instructor, now the big bucks start rolling in.
Things are pretty good. I have decided to stay put and find a way to get my hours here at home. (I was planning on going elsewhere). Im getting a little time flying fire patrol & scenics and I should be getting a few students in early October. My friends manage to get close to 800hrs a year (all single engine) so Im hoping I can do the same. I will have to find a way to dig up some multi over the winter. It will take a little longer, but for me to be living & flying here at home is worth any delay I can think of. (for me quality of life comes way ahead of any career, but ask me again when the loan payments start!)

Dan are you all done down there? What is your plan from here out?
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Congrats on the $5.00. Did you report it on your taxes

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Speaking of that, if you become a instructor for FSI, are you an employee or an independent contractor? i.e. Does FSI withhold taxes and FICA for you?