Multi next?


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So, here's the situation then: I'm not going to go pro, I just want to add on the ratings for my own satisfaction. IR is the next biggie, but because that will eat up a lot of time, finishing it up will have to wait. (I will continue to prep for the written, though.)

So, people say the multi only takes a few lessons. Additionally, I have some multi time. Why not do that now? WAIT! Let me anticipate your objections:

Objection #1: "No FBO will let you rent one to fly solo without your IR."

Response: I don't care. I don't want to fly multi solo. There are too many systems and too much to forget, especially at my stage.

Objection #2: "You'll have to take another checkride after the IR to add instrument priviledges to the multi."

Response: That's fine by me. By the time I have my IR, I'll need a refresher for the multi.

Objection #3: "If you do the multi first, you'll end up spending more money if you need to go back and take another ride to add instrument priviledges."

REsponse: I can't start thinking about money! If I did, I wouldn't fly at all! Plus, again, additional training would be worth it, to me.

So, what do you think?
The only person you really have to convince is yourself. I say go for it. It's a blast to go from a single to a twin. Why not just try one or two flights and see if you like it and can keep up with the airplane? Or you could always get your complex endorsement and then do the multi rating. That would help with the transition to a twin.
Well let me say this. Dont listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry that thinks they have all the answers. Do what you think is right for you, and as long as that falls between the proper lines with the FAA, it doesnt make a bit of difference........
That's how it did it, PP ASEL, then AMEL, Instrument, then the Multi add on. It cost more, but having the private multi allows you to go out as a safety pilot....getting the instrument rating first still wont let you solo a twin. I had 500 TT / 100 ME / 50 Make and model before I could solo a Travelair..and I was a CFII/MEI, with type ratings in the CE-500 and CE-525. Insurance is tough!!!!
Go for it, it's an easy rating to get, should take somewhere around 8-10hrs for a private w/o the instrument.
The whole solo thing really depends on the FBO. I'm able to rent the Turbo Seminole across the field and take her for a spin solo, and I only have about 180TT/35 Multi. Granted, I'm limited to VFR Day until I finish my instrument, but it just goes to show that you don't always have to have an instrument rating or tons of time in type to go have some fun single-pilot.