Multi add-on passed! What you can expect


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This is what you can expect if you're about to take your multi add on check ride, or if you're thinking about getting a mutli add-on

Firstly, if you're not sure what's expected of you. Open up the PTS, my examiner used the PTS right in front of me, block by block he checked off the task to be completed. So I recommend purchasing one of those.


What kind of engines does this aircraft have? (Beechcraft Duchess)
I was very basic, I tried my best not to get into specifics (that's how you dig a hole for more questions). He was very satisfied with just the basics and did not pry for more knowledge.

Then came the propeller. After I explained the propeller, again with very basic explanation he asked about the fuel system.

Talked about cross feed, how cross feed works, how many fuel pumps are on the Duchess (trick question for those caught off guard).

Then he asked about the gear system. Be prepared to explain what happens once you select the gear selector from the UP detent to DOWN. I kind of dug a hole by giving too much detail in which he began asking several questions about the electrical system. Which I successfully pulled off. :banghead: idiot!

The remainder of the 1.5 hour oral included talking about critical engine, and what factors make the critical engine a critical engine (remember, keep it simple). What effect does density altitude have on the operating engine? What are the negative, and positive properties of this effect? Then we went over the weight and balance, accelerate-stop distance (be ready to explain all with definitions) accelerate-go distance, single engine climb gradient/rate of climb. Take-off distance. Have your A.R.O.W documents ready to present. Also pull out maintenance logs for the engine, propeller, and airframe, ensure you're familiar with inspection frequencies and how much time since new/overhaul.

That was the Oral, once again.. he followed the PTS verbatim.

Flight portion:

I'm a UH60 Crew Chief in the Army so it's second nature to scan for traffic when I'm not doing other duties, which I got major kudos on. My particular examiner is REALLY big on clearing the area before EVERY maneuver, even steep turns, or just turning crosswind. Make sure you don't only say clear left, but look. A few guys before me doing their add-on's supposedly got a really long spiel, and got their pee pee slapped by him (not literal).

We did slow flight
power on stall
power off stall
just really basic fundamental stuff.
He was big on go around single engine.
Short field landing/take off.
Vmc demo.
Single engine maneuvers
Single engine pattern work
Emergency descent

I demonstrated all without difficiencies, although when I was done w/ stalls he got irritated with the way I was doing them, he wanted me to violently jerk back on the yoke and put the aircraft into a full break stall before I even got to 10 degrees nose up. That's ok, lesson learned. He demonstrated, and sure enough he put it into a full stall at 80 ish knots! Never seen that. Maybe someone can provide more real world experience, but if I'm on take off, and for some unknown reason I'm distracted, all I need to hear is a horn, or feel that buffet to recover from a stall. Why is the full break necessary? Is it just to build confidence? I'm open ears.

Landed, parked, secured, and as I turned off the Batt switch I turned my head back to the checklist where I saw an open hand awaiting my hand shake. He told me "unless I die between here and the computer, you're a multi-engine pilot sir". Very anti-climatic :panic:

any more questions? just PM me I'll get into what each exact question was on the oral
Thanks for the write up. I'm currently working on my commercial and plan on getting the multi add-on sometime next summer....Did you have to do any IFR stuff? Congrats on the ride.
If you want your commercial multi to have instrument on it, then you have to do a approach single engine. It not bad, but my examiner cut the engine 20 miles from the airport and didn't let me use rudder trim. It's a easy check ride, for me it was. After I turned off the runway, she told me that I passed, as long as I didn't taxi to fast or hit anything. She told me that because she told a guy that he passed when he turned off the runway and was taxing really fast and she had to go back on her word and failed him.
The multi add-on was a fun and easy rating. The single engine approach was the best part!