Moments of shear beauty.


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Last week I had the joy to fly to NYC for the first time. Major cool.

The morning I left Cleveland was a typical Cleveland winter morning. Snow, gray, ice, and just generally unpleasent weather.

On board the NWA DC-9, I settled in. I began thinking about my future with flying. To go pro or not and I even wondered if I should continue at all. Was this something I'm committed to or just another of my 1000's of preoccupations.

As we passed 12,000', I realized something wonderful and inspiring at the same time.

The dreariness of Cleveland had faded completely and we were only left with the bright sunshine and a pure white carpet of clouds. It was beautiful to say the least.

When I reflect back on the lessons I've had I realize that when I'm flying there is nothing else. No demands from work, no pager, no cell phone, no threat of war, no fear, just beauty. Beauty of the sky, beauty of man and machine working together in harmony to move to a higher plane of consciousness.

I expect that this feeling will grow more profound when I'm able to solo, but for now the dream is materializing into reality, and I love it.

Just thought I'd share this with you all.


I hear you, you can see some pretty amazing things when you get your feet off the ground.

On saturday on my way back to austin from dallas, I was assigned 5000 ft and a there must of been an almost perfectly flat layer of soft, puffy stratus at about 4990 ft or so. It looked more like I was in a boat navigating across a sea of clouds than in a 172 4500 ft above the ground.

My only regret is that I was alone in the plane and had no one to share it with, but it was still pretty cool!