Military to Airline


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Trying to help a friend out who will be separating from the Navy as a pilot in 14 months. Told him I thought he could be applying now and start interviewing but as I'm not military, I'm not sure and haven't stayed up to date on it.

Does anyone know how far out each of the majors will start interviewing a military pilot before their separation?



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Most guys I know were inside a year.......some inside 6 months. What background/platform is he coming from? If you want, I can reach out and give him some of the gouge I've collected over the last few months. You are correct that he absolutely can start applying.....availability date may affect interview date and class date timing (as described above), but a lot of airlines consider applications to be a previous contact for hiring purposes, i.e. you may not have been available for the next hiring window, but you have expressed interest in the past. I'm sure there are some 121 chief pilots and/or hiring folks on here that can provide more detail about this, or tell me that I'm off base :)

FWIW, I'm also a Navy pilot, looking to separate in about 10-11 months.