Mesa's back....


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Mesa\'s back....

UAL, who dumped Mesa Airlines for reliability problems in the 90s, just made Mesa another Express carrier.

They're using Mesa to reduce costs as they replace Air Wisconsin on certain routes out of Denver.

I've got pals at Mesa and even they agree they're working under a substandard contract, just like Chautauqua. It's a scary day when a regional gets replaced by a lower cost regional, because after all, it'll be replaced by an even cheaper regional (and so on and so on).

Tighten your seatbelts, folks, this is going to get interesting.
Re: Mesa\'s back....

I noticed that too Doug, It is pretty unusual for a regional such as Mesa to serve two airlines that have a hub at the same airport.

Mesa operates Frontier JetExpress for Frontier and now they are also doing UA? Kinda odd? From what I heard Mesa is replacing Air Wis' Dornier 328s as Air Wis wants to have an all CRJ fleet. I guess that means it is the end of the BAe 146 also then? Those 4 engine jets are almost the size of a 737 arent they?

Also Frontier Jetexpress (mesa) is supposed to be getting like 6 more RJs soon as F9 expands its network a bit more. I guess we are using RJs to replace some mainline routes and putting those larger planes (319s and 737s) on new destinations and/or adding more frequency to current routes.

Its hard competing with UA when they are nearly giving their seats away. Either this is part of the growth that UA was talking about or they are just going for the cheaper product... i suspect the latter.
Re: Mesa\'s back....

I heard the news on NPR the other day. I flight instruct in Denver and I've head that Air Wisc. was getting rid of their Dorniers and going all jet.

As I understand it the routes Mesa will be taking over are from Denver to some of the ski towns that used to be served by the DO 328s. Mesa will use there Dash 8's (aka Q200s) This seems like a really good fit to me. Mesa already has a bunch of Dash 8's based in Grand Junction, CO

I'm a little biased as I too have a buddy at Mesa (CRJ FO) and I'm hoping to one day work there. I hear that Mesa is voting on a new contract in the coming days. With the new contract will come a bunch of orders for more regional jets. Any thoughts on this from anyone?
Re: Mesa\'s back....

Mesa is one of the worst,if not bottom, (I think Great Lakes may have that one), of the commuters. I still remember back in my cargo days when I shared a crash pad with a couple of Mesa guys in YUM, one of them was a grad from the San Juan academy and in their ab-initio buy-a-job program. Busting his butt as co on a 1900 and only making a little over $800/month.

Gotta love revolving door airlines.