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Hey JCers,

Here's how my MEI oral/flight went down....

Got there at 8am and met the examiner and we got the paperwork all squared away. He told me how it would go.

We started out with some of the systems that this examiner typically finds applicants to be weak in their understanding. He wanted me to explain the vacuum system. Pretty straight forward and then asked me if we did the run-up and we find one pump to be inoperative can we still take off (Seminole). Just check with the airplanes equipment list. Then he wanted me to talk about the fuel system and explain the crossfeed system and how it operates. We then talked about the propellers/governors.

After that we started talking about Vmc, how its determined, what factors affect Vmc, Vmc/stall speed. Then we talked about the manvuevers we'd be doing in the air. Since there's a lot of explaining to do for each of these, he wanted me to do it on the ground.

Then we went flying. I had to teach him how to taxi. We then departed via a short-field takeoff, which I did and explained as I was doing it. On our way out to the practice area we had to manveuver to avoid the odd cloud, not a big deal, but those damn clouds always seem to show up on checkride day. Once we made it out to the practice area he wanted to see a power-off stall. So, did clearing turns and ran the pre-landing checklist and did it. Then I had to do a Vmc demonstration, steep turns, and a drag demonstration with one engine inop. After that I had to fail an engine on the examiner and talk him through it, then we feathered that bad boy. Did some manuevering and did an air-start to get it going again. After that, I had to demonstrate/explain a short field landing. Then on the next takeoff I gave the examiner an engine cut during takeoff. Then I failed his engine turning from upwind to crosswind, followed by a single-engine approach/landing (he flew). On the way home, he was going to perform a normal landing which I talked him through.

All in all, it wasn't too bad and it feels great to be done! If any of y'all have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer.

Hey ready2fly,

How far along are you in your training? Where are you training?

I gotta say, no checkride is "easy" as most people will say about the MEI, but by this point you've been through enough checkrides that you start to get "comfortable" with the situation. Half of the exam was actually enjoyable, to be flying a twin and failing engines on an examiner is fun!

You'll be there real soon. Now I'm all done with training and no more flying for a while...
Got to get a job to start makin' some caysh. Job Search 2003 begins!

Hey ready2fly,

How far along are you in your training? Where are you training?

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Since R2F has already gone home for the day, please allow me...

R2F is training at an FBO in Tampa and is currently working on his instrument rating...

Did I get it right R2F?

I spend WAY too much time on here...
That's pretty funny. Now, the test, tell me where I trained? haha

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Somewhere in SoCal...

Right next to the Ocean perhaps...

Is that correct, SURF?