Maybey to suspicous?


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Hey guys Im planning on flying home in a week or two, and i was planning on taking my flight bag with me because im hoping to fly back home a little bit, In this bag i have a aviation headset, flight charts, e6b and other aviation stuff, i was planning on carrying it on with me as its alot of value to me, but now i think i about when it the TSA sees it they might decide to have a field day with me.
Any of you guys traveled with a flight bag as a passenger latley? Would it be better not to carry it on?
I have carried a flight bag full of aviation books, and have had no problem. Although I thought I would have one. Don't check your flight bag, im all too familiar with baggage services. You should be fine.
Yeah, I've done it several times (6-8) in the past year or so, through ATL, ROC, MCO, BWI, LGA, FLL, and probably a few others. Never once have had a problem, and never once have had to explain anything. And my flight bag has no shortage of stuff in it either: GPS/yoke mount, handheld, headset, camera, fuel tester, kneeboard, about 9 pens, 3 little maglites, $3 in loose change (for vending machine dinners), sometimes a portable intercom/PTT, sometimes one change of clothes, and my little toitletries bag (depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing) and then the charts and other usual flight bag stuff. Amazingly, it still "fits under the seat in front of me." Its packed so tight I think it looks like a solid block when it goes through the X-ray machine!

Oh yeah, and whatever you do, DO NOT check it. Unless you dont mind having to re-invest in all that stuff when it doesnt show up at your destination.
I tried it in PIT last September. Lets just say I got the TSA cavity search. To start out with, I bought the ticket the day of the flight, with cash, and with no checked bags. Red flag!! So as I was boarding the plane they pulled me aside and started going through my stuff. They took my plates and AFD to their boss. I guess they eventually decided that I wasnt a "threat" and let me go. They even took me to the front of the line and gave me an apology.
They took my plates and AFD to their boss. I guess they eventually decided that I wasnt a "threat" and let me go.

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Hmm...Plates and AFD...weird, they would hold you for having "safty of flight" pilot supplies.

Anyway, speaking of flying home, am I the only guy here who in college airlifted his dirty laundry home...450 miles? Did that about 10-15 times
I've done it quite a few times....but once, I flew last minute, by myself, and bought my ticket at the counter 3 hours before the flight. I'm sure that raised the suspician flag. I managed to get out without being stripped!!!
I've done it a number of times as well. My bags were searched once but that was a random one where it appears on the bottom of your boarding pass. They made me turn on my flashlight and show them my pilots license....but that was it. No big thing.
I have flown with my pilot gear on my person many times and have never had any problems. Has any one had the full suitcase search prior to checking in? I flew out of Albany a month ago and every person checking in to Southwest had all their luggage searched...needless to say it took a while to check in.
I have carried my gear on the commercial lines many times and have not had a single issue - no inspections, nothing. You will be ok.
I've carried flight bags while commuting in civvies without any problems. I think that they are equally thorough on anyone, even uniformed pilots. I may be wrong, but I speculate that at some point, they probably caught somebody sneaking through security in a pilot uniform.