Looking for a book


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I am looking for a book called "Everything you need to know to fly" or something like that, sold only through the publisher's website which I am unable to find. I think the author's name is Ritchie. It is a book about jet flying, with chapters on systems, aerodynamics, approaches, etc. and lots of diagrams for visual people like me.

Geez, haven't you ever heard of Amazon? LOL.
Sorry, some help I am! LOL I did find "A flight Attendant's Tales of Sex, Rage, and Queasiness at 30,000 Feet". Would you like to check that one out? LOL
Actually, Wife, that's an hilarious book. It's called "Plane Insanity". I've reread it about three times.
Thanks guys, the book I am looking for is more focused on jet systems and airline flying. I'll keep looking.
Re: Found it!

Everything EXPLAINED by the pilot! Well that EXPLAINS why I didn't find it under everything you need to know! LOL.