I survived calcapt's landing


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It wasn't me - it was Velocipede. He is such a troublemaker blaming all his crappy landings on me.

Read my lips: I did not have a bad landing with that woman!

I wasn't even flying that day, I was working at the orphanage, or the homeless shelter or some other praiseworthy cause.

I am sure she has me confused with Velocipede or maybe even Doug. Calcapt having a bad landing is akin to Rosie O'Donnell being crowned Miss America - ain't never gonna happen.

Wait, Toria never said it was a BAD landing. I am sure what she meant was that it was a GREAT landing and she is curious if the smoothness of said landing was indicitive of calcapt's greatness. Whew, she had me worried for a minute.


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Oh, I look forward to all the dirty details. :D

Hey, we may just have just found a new hobby for JCer's! Non-rev or jumpseat on a flight another JCer is flying and report on your findings in a new forum created just for this purpose. :panic: Who's up first? :p ;)


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I'll just save anyone from hunting me down.

My landings suck.


One down....:bandit:


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Last time I landed in China, I hit so hard the US thought they were testing nukes underground.



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Sweet. I love NJC gossip! :)

There always is, but then the folks that didn't attend always claim, "Inner Circle! Inner Circle!" when they don't hear!

All those people have to do to become "inner circle" members is show up at NJC. Easy as that!

Also, Calcapt's ego is so fragile I am reluctant to discuss specific details of the event on the open forum :D

He, however, can admit there was no convection over the Cascades that day and still .................see title of thread........ and "chatty" Frank in the seat next to me exclaimed "Geez!"......................