I just quit my law practice.


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I just left a nine-year old law practice in Oklahoma City to become a professional pilot (tell me I'm not crazy). I received my PPL three months ago at a local FBO. I will be training at Accelerated Flight School in Arizona starting NEXT MONTH!! I have been a fairly quite reader on this board for about nine months. I'ts good to know I'm not alone. Oh by the way, SOMEONE TELL ME I'M NOT CRAZY!
Sooner - YOU'RE NOT CRAZY!!! You're sick - not crazy. Aviation is a sickness, but what a disease to have!

Take it from a someone who has been in the legal profession for 10 years (me) - you did the right thing!! You know it, I know it, we ALL know it. The world has MORE than enough lawyers anyway, right? haha.

Congratulations and good luck!

NOTE: I'll be "retiring" from the legal field (I'm a paralegal) as soon as I get my CFI ticket.....hopefully within a year or less! I'm envious!
Well, I just turned down a nice, secure tech offer in a dry market to pursue my dream of becoming a prof. pilot. I'll be heading to ATP in the fall. I'm right there with you brotha! At some point you have to walk away from a 'normal' life and that cushy paycheck to chase the dream. Good luck!
Crazy to quit your law practice for flying? Maybe. Training at Accelerated, you've gotta be out of your frickin' skull. Isn't that the place that just lost a twin and three pilots last week to shoddy maintenance? I'd take a long, hard, serious look at my decision to fly there, were I you.

Take a look at http://www.allatps.com/ instead. They've got the best thing going, IMHO.
From what I've read regarding the accident, it seems maintenance was only PART of the reason for the crash. Poor decisions by the crew (i.e. deciding to continue to fly after numerous instances of rough running) seemed to be the major contributor. I truly don't think they teach that at Accelarated. I may be wrong.
Ditto on the last post. I don't think it was the school's fault, but the people who climbed back into a plane that had no business flying that day...the examiner apparently ended the check ride because of some engine noises or the like. Its called Aeronautical Decision Making, and these guys probably just made a bad decision to fly that plane. From what I read, the FAA hasn't found the flight school at fault for anything yet.
Yep. Go down to the FBO section and read the accounts I recieved earlier this week if you want to know more about it... AND YES, YOU'RE FRICKEN CRAZY! ....but, now that I think about it, 9 years in a law firm and you must have some bank saved up. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
I am so glad to read that you folks already know the cause of the accelerated crash. May want to shoot an email out to the FAA/NTSB so they can stop their investigation.

Comments regarding the safety, maintenance, or otherwise operations of any business, airline or flight school, with no first hand knowledge is inappropriate, as well as juvenile. It always makes me proud to be associated with a group of <sarcasm> such knowledgeable people</sarcasm>.

Here are the facts. The airplane crashed. People died. The investigation continues.
Before I respond, just want to make sure I understand your comments. Are you refering to the relaying of information down in the FBO section or just the comment above regarding the maintenance? Nevertheless, communicating opinions and information to help others, discuss issues or debates is what this board is all about, as long as it's done in a diplomatic and repectful way.

On the other hand, perhaps the term "facts" I used in my post is a little strong. Lemme see if I can edit that part.
Thanks for the heads up about the crash. I read about it just after posting the message. The ATP referral is also appreciated.

I am an MEI with ATP, so I have a biased opinion. However, like you I had to make a decision about a flight scholl after a major career change. ATP and Accelerated were the only two schools I considered -- primarily because of their twin time.

Please read my posts in the ATP section of the message board. I started the program on January 29th with 111 hours and my private certificate. I finished the program on March 28th. I was then hired by ATP on April 15th as a CFI/CFII/MEI. I have flown the Seminole across the country (Cal. to Fla.) twice, and am now instructing in it full time in Riverside and Long Beach, Ca. Again, I am a biased opinion. But, after going through the program and now working for ATP, I cannot say enough good things about the company.

And, after reading the posts about the crash in Arizona, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I made the choice I did.

Best of luck, no matter where your training takes you.
You might want to check out


They have had a heated discussion on Accelerated Flight School
Sooner, I too have turned in my resignation at my cushy government job. I have had it working at what I hate; it is time. I will begin full time trainning at the base aeroclub here in Okinawa and believing God for a full time cfi job at the same place. Regardless, there is no turning back...I'm pressing on. Hurray for career changers! Aim High.

yea.. I'm going to be a career changer myself.. I'll have 3 years and 6 days to go before my time is up with the Navy. ... I have 3 years and 6 days left to get atleast an Associate Degree and a CFI .. God help me i have a lot of work to do.. don't even have my PPL yet( working on it though).. I'll be out the Navy when i'm 22.. 3 more years and 6 day's and I'll be through Woooooohooooo... drinks are on /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif me in 3 years 6 days at the very first JetCareer Convention if their is ever one... /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
I just set up an interview in Sacramento with ATP for July 8th. The more I read the more I like the ATP program. Any of you at ATP in Sacramento? Even though it's more expensive than Accelerated, the safety issue seems to have swayed me.
Just spoke with a buddy who got back from atp in Jax Fla, he can not say enough good things about it. FWIW
Although my career has not officially begun, I have always considered myself a budding law student. Currently earning a GPA of 3.82 at the University of North Florida through just over 2 years. I work for the State Attorney's Office doing grunt work, my father has multiple connections to get me into practices out of law school.....BUT

I have always had a love for aviation, although I have never sat behind the yoke of a plane. Perhaps my love simply comes from many of the simulation games that are avaliable, but however I have become afflictied with this "diasese", it isn't going away. I looked at the Yellow Pages this morning, orginally for all the flight schools in the Jacksonville, Fl area. In so doing, I found myself flipping through all the attorney's ads, 40 pages or so of them. All advertising personal injury, medical malpractice, ect... I see the yound attorney's here where I work, huddled behind a desk with stacks of papers on either side and I can't help but think, "I really want to do this?"

Do I really want to subject myself to another 5-6 years of school to discover my life is filled with obligations to read boring legal documents about people's problems, many of them not even belonging in front of me. Or, do I want to be able to have my wife ask me, "So what are you doing today?", and being able to respond, "Oh, nothing much, just going to Denver.....be back in time for dinner." Perhaps the last comment was a bit contrived, but I think you understand what I am getting at. I hope that over the next two years (time left in college), I can earn a PPL and determine whether or not it is something I would want to pursue as a career.

Oh, I have a cousin who is living with and is going through ATP in Jax, fl now, and he seems to enjoy it thus far.

Any thoughts?