How long to go from 0 to interviewing with a regional


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How long would it take to go from 0 hrs to getting an airline interview?

Also, how many instructing hours do you get until you are marketable? How many months of instructing? Any wait between finishing lessons and instructing?
ATP doesn't guarentee any type of airline interview as a selling point, though they do try very hard to get their instructors hired...

Ehm, Check the airline minimums? From 0 to regional right seat? Probably 1200-1500 hours, which is a good 2 years of flying. ATP instructors get a lot of hours though, and most if not all are multiengine PIC (dual given), so you have an advantage there.
most instructors get between 40-80 hours a month from what i've heard, depends on the location.
Before 9/11, it was as little as 8 months. Now, it's probably more like 18-24 months, presuming you instruct full-time and are getting a decent amount of hours every month.
The marketing speak I got from their CP in JAX was between 11 and 14 months. Don't know how true that is.

That's a nice guess, but just a guess, since it depends upon where you are and thus how much you fly. I'm a little slow here in Richmond, and might see a regional in 18-20 months.