Hiding specific forums


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Any way to prevent specific forums from showing up in New Posts searches? Say, for instance, I don't want to see any posts from the Air Traffic Control forum in the results, how do I do that? I see by the link URL that it already excludes 3 forums, probably the newsbot ones. What's the forum ID for the ATC forum?


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My JC shortcut reads the same as the 'New Post' button, like this:

http: //forums.jetcareers.com/search.php?do=getnew&exclude=86,87,88 (remove the space after http: )

(which I know you already realize, but others may not), and yes, 86, 87, and 88 are the Newsbots.

The ATC forum ID is 105.


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Oh, and for a number of people who shall rename unnamed, the Lav ID is 33.

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If you want to get really fancy, change the "exclude" in the URL to "include" and it will search only those forums:


You can edit that URL to include only forum numbers you're interested in and then bookmark it. That essentially creates a custom "New Posts" link of only forums you specify.

I dunno how many forums you can manually include, but I think I'll go play with it now and see what I get.

Edit: Works with at least ten; my guess is that there's no limit. Neato.