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You mentioned that you worked for Eagle. Was it Simmons?
Nope I was on "The Rock." Executive in SJU. They called us "Sand Monkeys" at the Flight Academy!

The reason I asked was that Skyway used the old "Simmons" uniform cap with the "S" on it.

I jumpsat (jumpseated?!) Simmons a lot between ORD and MKE when I was traveling back to Wisconsin after seeing Kristie.

Flying a Beech 1900, that ATR was about the coolest aircraft on earth at the time.

Nothing says cool like "AC Wild".
LOL there were always AC Wild jokes on The Rock. I think we had male flight attendant who had that as a nickname.

By the way, mine was Kaiko. Kaiko Jones. Ask someone who hablas espanol about it.
I'll have to ask my friend Rosa about that!
Doug is referring to an unregulated AC circuit in the ATR-42s and 72s referred to as "AC Wild"

but I like the freak reference
Yeah I know, we have this on the Saab too. 115 VAC "wild" frequency gen. Powers our ice protection equipment (besides the boots of course).