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Hi Dr. Forred -

I am going to renew my first class medical in a few days. I do not know if my AME is one of the majority that does 25 or less examinations per year or if he is someone who does them constantly. Being able to do first class exams, at least he's been doing them for a few years. Anyway the clock is ticking in a situation that I am in, employment wise so I figured I'd ask here for a preview even though I'm going to the AME in a few more days.

I was at my regular physician with head/ear congestion after returning from Asia a month ago. While noting the head/ear congestion issue he also noticed a heart murmur. The cardiologist office is connected to the office I was in, and the cardiologist walked over and had a listen also. Neither doctor was concerned, however he said to do an ECG just to get a more detailed idea of the thing.

I did the ECG and the cardiologist office there gave me copies of the report. Everything on the sheet is normal in all categories except one line in the description area that reads, 'trace pulmonary regurgitation.' I have since read up on this online and seeing as the cardiologist recommended nothing more than to mention the heart murmur at the next year's physician visit to see if it is still there, no other action or change of behavior is warranted.

I've explained this to the AME secretary on the phone, the AME was not available at the moment. Anyway, I am going to bring the cargiologist's report sheet to the AME office and he can read it and see that it has been cleared as "okay" on their end of things. On the FAA end of things, do you foresee any deference of the medical for any extra stuff on the FAA's end of it? I have done a thorough search of heart murmur threads on this forum and I have scoured the internet for information relating to this story in general. Maybe I am making it much ado about nothing, or maybe not. An employment related issue is hinging upon this, though, so that's why I'm curious.

If all goes as planned I am going to have PHX layovers in my future. If that happens I plan to do my following first class medical at your location based on the wealth of information I have seen given out on this forum in your spare time for free. Thanks for any help you can give on this one.


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My story as an example:

I had a yearly physical (not a medical) and I had/have an abnormal EKG (first EKG I have had). I was referred to a cardio specialist where they ran a few tests (treadmill, 2 EKG's, blood work, and then a ultrasound of my heart). Everything came back "normal" except the EKG which neither doc was concerned about. A few months later I had another first class medical and just brought all my paperwork. Doc looked at it, made copies, and said "not a problem". I have not heard anything else about it. For people that look at this thread in the future it should be known that it is always better to know you are healthy over just avoiding something to keep your medical. If you are an ALPA member you can call aeromedical services and talk about your issue with a doc. NO charge if you are an ALPA member. Great info and its confidential.

As always the Doc already got you your info!