Heart murmur


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What are the restrictions on airline pilots if they have a heart murmur? The doc says I have one that is harmless but I didn't know if it would keep me from flying.


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I had one too until about 20 years old.

The AME didn't seem to care much.


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i have a heart murmur (vsd) which is a tiny hole between my bottom two chambers of my heart and have a 3rd class unrestricted besides corrected vision, and the ame said i will have no probs getting a 1st. so dont worry.


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I have a heart murmur also, but my doctor has said that it causes no problems right now. I will have to see what an AME says about it in the future. Hope it's not a problem!


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they will find out about it cuz when they listen to your heart they can hear it. but when you get your medical take paper work w/ you from a cardiologist saying you checked out fine and you will have no prob. getting your medical.


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I have had one since I was born. Its gotten better in the last few years. I didnt put it down on the medical and the doctor couldnt hear it, so it wasnt an issue.