headset question


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I know this has been discussed somewhat, but I don't think anyone who's ever tried the "headset-less headset" from Panther Electronics ( http://www.pantherelectronics.com ) has chimed in. I'm just curious about it and have often considered it. For some reason, no matter how I adjust a regular headset (Sigtronics is all I've been able to afford so far), after a couple hours, the pressure is almost unbearable, to being a distraction almost. And sunglasses and a headset just don't work (fortunately I hate glasses so only even consider them when looking straight into the sun). Since I'm about ready to dive back fulltime into aviation, the thought of a throbbing headache in the future doesn't appeal!! I see,Doug,from photos, you guys wear looser headsets since I assume it's quieter in what you fly. So, just the possibility of an in-ear mike to avoid that pressure keeps me interested, but it's a $495.00 risk to take!! I know I'd probably not need it when I fly for Delta, but there's several thousand hours to go before I'm flying anything like that!
Anyway...just curious...