Glamorous life of a CFI


Well-Known Member my first two flights today were canceled because the airport was closed because of snow we got last night. No money for me...

It warmed up quite a bit though and by the afternoon I was able to go fly with a student only now the winds were gusting to 27 knots. So much fun in a 152!!! Then you throw in a little wind shear at 400 feet which shook the heck out of us and caused us to lose about 100-150 feet on climbout despite mantaining Vy the whole time. Fun when the climb rate in the 152 is already anemic.

Later on in the flight were are doing power-on stalls and despite briefing on the ground, a reminder in the airplane, and a demonstration with the student following on the controls, you can guess what happens. The left wing drops and she adds full right aileron without lowering the nose which immediately sends us over into a spin. Oh did I mention the throttle was still wide open? She then panicks and develops a death grip on all the controls as I am trying to call "my controls". I have to remove her hand from the throttle, reduce power, and put in full rudder...which she is now using to brace herself against so it took considerable effort to get it in there. I didn't mind the spin so much, we recovered in less than a turn but having to overpower the student adds a new wrinkle to it!!! I guess I earned my money on this one

Don't you all want to be instructors??? Tomorrow should be better though, despite the bad day it really is a blast!
I'd trade you my desk job any day

As for the student who freaked out, I asked my old instructor if that ever happened to him. He said yup, and I asked if he just hit the student and he said he didn't have to..."all you gotta do is put your hands over their eyes and they'll let go." I think I'd probably just smack 'em
I now get the old joke about flight instructors having bad backs and shrinking a couple of inches on the job!!! But we were all students once right
Hey man..that story was too funny..only because I just realized that I was in the warrior ahead of you..I gave you a windshear warning as I was climbing out...small world...I guess you witnessed my student almost killing us on the takeoff roll..not his fault really..crosswind was kicking our but and he let the correction out too early and rotated 15 knots too soon which equals me controls....
Congrats on building some quality time. Your making real PIC decisions and even though its just a 2 seater, your learning limits and how far is to far. A skill that youll be able to use in any type of flying you do.
Yeah I thought that was you. We didn't have the crosswind as much but I made sure we rotated at a higher airspeed. We got to the labs and weren't even at 1000'. We were getting nothing out of that bird. It was fine as soon as we got above 1500 though. And boy let me tell you the landing was "intersting".