Gall Stones


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Hey Doc,

Not been the best year so far for health issues... Now it seems that I have gall stones. I have had a few 'episodes' the past several months with pain, fever, nausea etc. but it goes away after about 12 hours. My doctor (non FAA) says that we can wait on this to see if the episodes continue or not before going to surgery.

What does the FAA think about gall stones? Can I fly if I am symptomatic or have a history like this? Should I just have it removed? What is the grounding period after the operation should I go ahead with it and do I just report it the next time I have a physical?

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I had my gallbladder removed in january I was off work for 3 weeks, renewed my 1st class in may I took the general op report to my AME and reported the procedure no sweat ! If you in fact have gallstones( Diagnosed by ultrasound) I would recommend having the surgery. once I was diagnosed I took medical leave and scheduled the surgery I was affraid of getting out on the road and having an attack.
Just get it out. You will be home the same day and back to work in a week. The non-surgical treatment is not very good.