G1000 Electrical system glitch

Flying Bison

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One of the aircraft I fly seems to have a glitch with the electrical system. The standby battery annunciator comes on, and an excessive discharge is shown for both the standby and main batteries. I'm looking at the regs right now and It seems an ammeter or voltmeter is not required for VFR flight, however the fact that its giving false readings and that its not placarded (i have no clue how you could on a g1000)worries me in the event the electircal system actually does fail. Im just watching out for myself here, but is this glitch something that will ground an aircraft or am I in the clear to continue using it? I keep getting told its going to be fixed, but I see no change.
First, how do you know that it's just a gauge problem? It sounds like the mx guys already looked at it and told you that, but I just want to cover that base.

Second, did you check the KOEL? For some reason I was thinking that the ammeters were required for day VFR, but I could be wrong

As far as placarding, what our guys usually do is put a yellow sticker next to the appropriate display with "AMMETER INOP" scrawled on it.
Its a gauge problem because the planes been flown in this condition for months with no real issue. As far as the KOEL, excuse my ignorance, but where can i find it for the G1000?