Fuel Indication problem (Meridian)


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I been flying a Piper Meridian. Recently during climb out left fuel gauge will drop suddenly, (always around FL210) and the left fuel gauge will read about 225 pounds. It will stay on until around FL260 then it will work normally.

HEre are the facts.

It always drops when climbing through FL 210

It then works normally climbing though FL260 (I usually cruise at FL 270 or 280)

It always initially drops to 225 LBS then gradually goes down from there slowly as time passes. (There is around 500 lbs of fuel in the wing in actuality)

Right boost pump kicks on to even out the fuel, I turn this off manually until its working again.

Mx can not diagnose it because everything is always working for them.

Any Ideas?


Very basic, are all the vents and lines clear?

Otherwise take the mechanics up and show them.


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So far, its always happened at the same altitudes during climb,. I can predict when it will quit working and when it will start to work again.

Vent lines all seem clear from the outside. The fuel system measures fuel based on electrical amperage resistance. Its not a float type system.

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This is the kind of thing that will make you tear your hair out, but... Intermittent short in the fuel quantity wiring, since its altitude related probably at a pressure vessel pass through?


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I'm also wondering about some kind of leak in a fuel line that's inside the pressure vessel, but I'll admit I know nothing of the meridian