PSA - 9/12


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Invited down, and even though there was 2 early AM flights to get me CLT before 9am (non-stops) they made my travel arrangements to come down the night before and have me do the hotel (at my expense).

Told to NOT arrive or board a bus before 9am, but be there 15 minutes before scheduled time of 9:30. With the construction around the airport I arrive between 9:20-:25. Given a badge and told to proceed to the cafeteria. Met a few others already there, but didn't end up being the last one there. There were a few others in the cafeteria, with three of them out interviewers.

They were Kasey (HR), Valerie (Check Line Pilot), and George (Assistant CP). They took us upstairs to a meeting room they indicated not the usual room they use. There was 6 of us. They gave very brief introductions of each other and George asked who was aware of the TA. I was only 1:2 that raised their hands. (see the PSA TA thread for his comments). They then opened the floor for questions:

How are to get a base? DAY in particular. Told that any base should really be able to get gotten within 6 months the question would be the time on RVS.

Any new bases with the new aircraft? They would be expanding flights so a new base might be opened. George indicated that alot is done out of DCA so that might be a choice, but he hadn't heard anything. I commented on CAK as it's a maintenance base, and Valerie said it might be a short list. Both indicated they had NO ideas about aircraft of bases...

They indicated training in DAY for 3-4 weeks and then CLT for sims. They said to plan to be away for 3 months for training and IOE. Yea, 3 months.... They said initially 6 months in the -200 then a few days training and another 10 hours OE for the -700. Trips daily would move between airframes.

They indicated that normally you had to pass the test to continue but today we would complete all three parts to be evaluated.

They then administered their test. 25 questions from the basic ATP with a few of their own.

asked entry into a hold
squal lines
parasite drag at slow speed
ILD DCA approach questions
TAF questions (not current weather)
Plan a decent ALT to lose in thousands x 3 for miles, speed / 2 x 1000 for fpm
know how to extend deice (heat type 2)

They indicated 12 minutes and a few were still working on it, one went a few minutes past the time (they allowed it).

They then took the first three for the sim. The list was based on departing flight times. I was number 2.

We had to wait for the sim to come up and they gave us the profile for the sim. It's configured as a MD-80, bad left rudder on TO!

First candidate went and came back. Told a delay because the German's were in town. It was almost 10 minutes before I got called in. He showed me the system and I could ask questions before beginning.

Instructor set power
TO (you call gear at positive rate but instructor handles it)
climb 20 degrees to 1000 AGL
climb 10 degrees to 6000 at 250kts
instructor handled all flap retractions
level off 6000 maintain 250kts
turn to heading 30 degree bank
turn to heading 45 degree bank
turn to another heading told to hold, asked to read back and entry.
Note: others have said write down and read back, I was not, just read back and entry.
Froze Sim
Reset for landing.
restarted at 3000 maintain 250kts turn to new heading and intercept LOC 36R CLT
slow to 240 kts
intercept LOC (he called active)
turn LOC fly to GS enable (I called it before he did)
fly GS reduce to 180, then told 141 for landing
I verbally called out what my DH was. Once there I leveled and called no RWY.
Froze Sim

I had issues with speed mostly trying to slow and at one time flying along at 250 no problems and it dropped to 210kts in nothing. Not sure if he did anything or not, I just got on the power. I got slow once and got the warning and one time the flap deployed warning came on (too fast), but flaps were already up so the instructor was fighting that while I was still flying. I got Terrain warning when on the GS, was low to GS but not full deflected. Briefly leveled off.

Instructor will NOT comment at all on Sim eval. Told to NOT even ask. I didn't.

Back to room to wait for interview. They got me about 10 mins later.

This was the interview with all three as a panel. Provided Valerie my logbooks and started with questions by Kasey

Why PSA?
Why now to get into 121? (remember I'm older)
What is a professional pilot
What is CRM to me? (she was really like I included FA as part of the crew, as she gave me a thumbs up)
What aircraft did I fly the most?
Explain since it was NOT a 121/135 position (company owned aircraft Part 91 ops)
How do you feel about SOP's
Any violations, etc.

NOT a single TMAAT question.

Then it proceed to George
He asked about parasite drag to induced drag. Gave me scrap paper and asked to explain it. I drew the curves and initially got the curves backwards but we discussed that for about 3-5 minutes (seemed REALLY long). He said he wouldn't ask me anything else from the test (I saw it looked like I missed three). I was then asked to brief LDA DME 19 DCA. I did have a brain fart about if DME was required because the Sim ILS 36R CLT indicated needing radar and DME. I caught that since LDA DME, it must be needed. They asked what if DME was out, I indicated we would need another approach plate for equipment we had operational.

Then to Valerie
Asked again aircraft, when I got the CMEL. Any failures, and when I got CMEL. I have a training logbook now, all else is electronic, so she wanted to know flights since the last logbook entry. Asked about the PA-23 I flew (thinking it was an Aztec). I indicated about flying both the PA-23-150 and PA-23-23 Geronimo. No real techical questions on them besides fuel size and burn. Ask briefly on other aircraft flown, that being a Cirrus. She then indicated no other questions.

Asked to step out for a few minutes. They got be from the hallway a few minutes later.

I was brought back in and told that they needed to speak with the people upstairs and that I should expect to hear something within a week. I was then released and taken back downstairs to get a ride to the airport.

The first candidate was on the van as well. They had offered him a position. Not sure on his hours but he is a LEO flying 210s and Helo in FL. He indicated that one person was already missing after the test (even though they said all would do). He believed it to be the person that took too much time, and guessed did poorly on it.

I got to the airport about 4 hours before my flight, but ended up both flights before mine were oversold so no hope standing by for them. I did see another candidate in the airport, and he was flat out told he could reapply in 6 months. He had over 3500TT, 1000+ TP and actually had been in Mesa's class before a family emergency had him drop (he is still in the 6m to reapply there). His time is flying in S. America. He did know of the first candidate getting the offer, but was not aware of anyone else getting an offer.

What is told me next is still questioning as how to take it. He said both he and the other candidate (they rode in the van together, so I take it didn't get an offer either) talked about the interview team telling them about a candidate that flew the aircraft with the parachute. He wasn't specific even though I asked a few times but he indicated they were more joking with them as look we even got a Cirrus pilot trying to get a job with us...

I guess I'll wait the week and see what happens.....
Ha! Dunno man, reading that experience reminds me of interviews of places where "TBNT", was a blessing in disguise.

MD80 sim, WHY? I know I should be more constructive with me criticisms, but WHY?!