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Hey Purdue people...
Right now I'm enrolled at another university in an aviation degree program. It's been good in regardings to flying and making friends, etc.. but I just don't think I'm getting what I need out of the program. My question is, how do you think transfer students fit in at Purdue? How easy would the transition be from another school to Purdue? Plus, how many hours will I get flying at Purdue to get on with an airline? (Right now I have over 200, something like 210 maybe). Since your instructor classes aren't required, I was wondering in what way you get the hours. Thanks for any info you can give me on the program to help with my decision!
Well to first answer your question, I'd need to know what year you are and what school you currently attend. Since it seems that you probably have all of your ratings up to multi you'd need to transfer into Purdue as a junior. Anything above that your probably out of luck, since the basis of the junior and senior years is on the B727 and Do328. I believe that the transfer students do fit in fairly well, I have become friends with 2 guys that came from Vincenes this year. The amount of hours you'll receive is as follows: everyone will fly a King Air 200 for at least 10 hours, around 120 hours of B727 sim time, 10 hours of multi for your multi rating, and also anywhere from 50-100+ hours instructing for the univeristy. We have contracts with several regional airlines and the possibility to intern with practically all of the major airlines. If you have good grades it shouldn't be too much of a problem transfering into Purdue. It is very competitive though since there are probably around 65 students coming into junior year with the max being around 70. So I think they take around 5 transfers, not positive though. Sorry this is kind of long winded. But if you have any additional questions feel free to email me at or

Are they still teaching the Dornier328 Systems? I thought they changed it to an Embraer jet...that's what I heard from my instructor at least. Just curious. Thanks.
I wouldn't worry about trying to fit in here. Just be yourself and you'll fit in quite well.

There a lot of people from different walks of life that attend Purdue. I also doubt you'll be the first transfer student to transfer in as an upperclassman.

If you share the love of flight as everyone in the aviation department does, you should fit in rather well.

If you want to know more information, PM me and I'll get back to you rather promptly.