Endeavor hiring once again


AKA "Icicles"

Looking for 3 to start on 2/26.

Pay: $14.76/hr to start, plus $6400/yr retention bonus paid out in thirds every 4 months. Contract negotiations will hopefully start in a few more months as our contract is up at the end of this year, so hopefully this will increase.
Schedule: 4 on 3 off, 10 hour days.

Good luck to those who apply.
Saw that today and put my application in! Looks like pretty good timing for when I finish school too!


Living the dream!
Can anyone that currently works in Endeavor AIR msg me..please
Why don't you just ask your question here and one of us will answer it....

Still using SABRE FOS as the FPS? (How I miss the stability of the JR Mask!)
Nope, it's the standard Sabre suite of Monitor, Flight Exploder, and FliteTrac. I wouldn't mind FOS though; I used to work for AE above-wing and learning the language of native Sabre was one of the most fun parts of the job!