1. J

    Airacer CFI Needed

    One of our client in KCDW (Fairfield, NJ) is looking for part time flight instructors. Responsibilities: 1. Piper worrier flight instructor; 2. Hold flight and ground training for students. You get: 1. Paid opportunities to build up your flight hours; 2. Extra pay for discovery flights; 3...
  2. DogwoodLynx

    Silver Airways - DX/OCC Duty Manager Opening....
  3. thegriffinpages

    Empire Airlines DX in Idaho Good luck to those applying. I know nothing about them other than they used to (and I think still do) fly Cessna Caravans and ATRs for FedEx. Wouldn't be jet experience but they are Part 121.
  4. thegriffinpages

    Air Wisconsin New Posting Jan 8th*E950B172B4CACF3A This is a new posting as of January 8th. Good luck to all that apply!
  5. mrezee

    Endeavor hiring once again Looking for 3 to start on 2/26. Pay: $14.76/hr to start, plus $6400/yr retention bonus paid out in thirds every 4 months. Contract negotiations will hopefully start in a few more months as our contract is up at the end of...
  6. thegriffinpages

    Cover Letter Really Necessary?

    Is a cover letter really necessary? I feel like I'm regurgitating what is already on my resume to begin with.
  7. B

    700+TT Looking for summer work in FL or NJ

    Looking to get a little experience outside of my daily right rudder script. I should easily have 800hrs by the time the summer months roll around. CFI/CSEL/MEL IR Pvt Glider 700+TT 400+ Dual Given 220 Cross Country 76 Instrument 25 Multi 26 Glider
  8. wdwatts

    Captain Kila's State of the (Aviation) Union Address

    (Originally posted on LinkedIn as an aritcle, today) I am utterly dismayed at the state of my chosen profession's inherent, yet unnecessary, flaws and issues concerning gainful employment of pilots by companies needing them. I have been unemployed now for a month, after 7 months of actively...
  9. mrezee

    Sun Country is hiring,-mn-jobs-j16047843.html?pbid=67724 Required Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Valid FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate required. One (1) year Part 121 Domestic/Flag dispatch...
  10. B

    500+TT in East Central Florida

    Currently have just over 500 hours, CFI, Commercial multi/single with an instrument rating and earned my private glider a few years back. Looking for something in the area outside of CFI work. Thanks!
  11. Shane Cassell

    Seasonal Aerial Photography in Central and Eastern Nebraska

    My company Airscout, has two franchises in Nebraska. One in Lexington and one in Norfolk. Both are currently looking for a pilot or two who can fly photo missions in the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Northeastern Colorado area. Pilots can expect most flights to be day trips. This would be part...