1. mrezee

    Endeavor Hiring a class of 5

    Posted today and will be open through 7/29. Looking for a class of 5, rumored to be all for growth. Start date sometime in September. Pay starts at $19.24/hr, tops out at $27.64/hr. Standard regional schedule of 4 on, 3 off, 10-hour shifts...
  2. mrezee

    Endeavor hiring once again

    https://careers-endeavorair.icims.com/jobs/1567/aircraft-dispatcher/job Looking for 3 to start on 2/26. Pay: $14.76/hr to start, plus $6400/yr retention bonus paid out in thirds every 4 months. Contract negotiations will hopefully start in a few more months as our contract is up at the end of...
  3. B

    Endeavor v. Republic

    I currently have offers from both airlines, and trying to figure out which is the better choice? CRJ or EMB? $30/hr with annual bonus or $40/hr with one-time bonus? 1.5yr upgrade or 2.5yr upgrade? What else should I be comparing? (First airline job)
  4. J

    PSA or Endeavor to fly the 900

    So I need some guidance here before I waste 3 months of my life. I have class dates for FO at PSA and Endeavor Let's say I don't care about my base at all and just care about holding a line on the crj7/900 asap out of training (don't want to be on reserve). Ultimately want to get my 1000hrs...