1. T

    Being hired with not-so great military history

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a PPL with about 160 hours. I had a question about airline hiring (or really any pilot hiring for that matter) while having a not-so perfect history. At one point in my life decided to join the US Air Force. So for context, when I was a child I was...
  2. mrezee

    Endeavor Hiring a class of 5

    Posted today and will be open through 7/29. Looking for a class of 5, rumored to be all for growth. Start date sometime in September. Pay starts at $19.24/hr, tops out at $27.64/hr. Standard regional schedule of 4 on, 3 off, 10-hour shifts...
  3. mrezee

    Sun Country hiring

    https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/SUN1000SUNCO/JobBoard/5882c1c5-18e3-8740-5e61-37d8f7574d64/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=866615bf-1e31-4cc6-afb3-4db6161c2b84 Good luck to those who apply.
  4. mrezee

    Endeavor hiring once again

    https://careers-endeavorair.icims.com/jobs/1567/aircraft-dispatcher/job Looking for 3 to start on 2/26. Pay: $14.76/hr to start, plus $6400/yr retention bonus paid out in thirds every 4 months. Contract negotiations will hopefully start in a few more months as our contract is up at the end of...
  5. jbhems520

    PSA Hiring - Any news?

    I know most everyone on this forum has had either bad experiences with PSA, or just plain out dislikes the company. Anyone on here who has actually applied? Heard anything from them yet? I did my phone interview last Thursday, was pretty chill. Just asked basic interview questions, I guess...
  6. B

    700+TT Looking for summer work in FL or NJ

    Looking to get a little experience outside of my daily right rudder script. I should easily have 800hrs by the time the summer months roll around. CFI/CSEL/MEL IR Pvt Glider 700+TT 400+ Dual Given 220 Cross Country 76 Instrument 25 Multi 26 Glider
  7. wdwatts

    Captain Kila's State of the (Aviation) Union Address

    (Originally posted on LinkedIn as an aritcle, today) I am utterly dismayed at the state of my chosen profession's inherent, yet unnecessary, flaws and issues concerning gainful employment of pilots by companies needing them. I have been unemployed now for a month, after 7 months of actively...
  8. mrezee

    Sun Country is hiring

    https://www.minnesotajobnetwork.com/j/t-aircraft-dispatcher-e-sun-country-airlines-l-minneapolis,-mn-jobs-j16047843.html?pbid=67724 Required Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Valid FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate required. One (1) year Part 121 Domestic/Flag dispatch...
  9. Polar742

    If you're thinking about working at Atlas, check this out first...

  10. R

    Dispatcher Job Prospects?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to Jetcareers but have found this to be a very reliable source for information on pursuing a dispatching career. Right now I'm a freshman in college but I've always been drawn to the airline industry- I used to dream of being a pilot but right now I think it would be cool...
  11. Troy McClure

    Virgin Hiring Sep 15

    The forum has been very quite on new job postings. The Virgin America listing has been up for maybe 4 weeks now. Im sure many have applied by now. Has anyone heard back from them?? Are they considered a major airline? What is the pay like? It would have to be a lot to live in SAnFran. Anyone...