Electronic Cigarettes....

I'm trying to do less damage (eventually none, in this regard) by switching to the E-cig.

I haven't been able to find anything concrete in regards to the FAA's stance on this while the debate rages on between device (no FDA approval needed) vs drug (FDA approval needed)...and I surely don't want to be on the wrong side of a decision when one is made.

I know the optimal solution would be to just stop smoking so this is a non-issue, but in the meantime would you suggest staying away from them or going ahead and using one?
At least e-cigs are simply only nicotine (in propylene glycol in order to produce the mist / smoke). Nicotine, a stimulant in low doses, is not really good for you. But the extras involved in smoking dried organic matter are a whole lot worse.

If the choice is between e-cigarettes and regular ones the e-cigs will be an order of magnitude better for you. Expect to see these approved for smoking cessation therapy by the FDA in a year or so, as you can have a metered dose of nicotine delivered and slowly lower the dose in the cartridges you buy.