Does Westwind School of Aeronautics owe you money?


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I am looking for anyone who was screwed into going way over budget on a certificate or rating at Westwind in Phoenix due to maintenance or scheduling problems. If you are trying to get money refunded to you let me know. I had 14 or so cancellations due to their lame (that is putting it nicely) maintenance and scheduling problems on my initial CFI. This cost me around $3900.00 extra with all of the delays and I still haven't seen a penny from them like they said I would. Now I have an attorney on the case. I won't be the first to take them to court. In 1994, 1997, 1999, and 2000 they had cases against them. If you or someone you know wants some money back due to these issues drop me an email. I finally got tired of listening to excuses from the co-owner of the school and packed up and headed back to Flight Safety. Good decision. One certificate at that school was enough!
You should have some kind of documentation to back it up, I do.
This is a common problem at Westwind and there are a lot of angry students there. If you are one of them, speak up, it is your money.