Commercial Written Exam


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Got my Commercial Written Exam scheduled for Monday February 23rd.

My instructor has challenged me to beat his score of 99. The test is out of 100.
good luck Dazzler! I have been putting my comm'l written off - I should have taken it weeks ago.


Why not schedule yours for the same day then? Then we can both suffer at the same time
I have to take mine as well. Lets all go on the 23rd and see who beats who...i shoudve taken mine a month ago, but oh well...
Ok that's 3 of us who are going to take the test on the 23rd. Anyone else going to step up to the plate? It doesn't have to necessarily be for the Commercial. If you've been putting off doing your Private, Instrument or any other Written Exam, then ACT NOW and make Feb 23rd the day you do it !!!
I MAY be taking my ppl written on the 23rd. The thing is I think I have two tests (for other things) that week and don't know if I will have time to do all three.

Okay, I'm in. Been putting this off too long and this seems as good an excuse as any for motivation. 23rd it is.
I've got my Commercial written tomorrow at 11am, which was scheduled a few days back. I'm still down for a lil competition.
RiddlePilot...I think you should postpone it until the 23rd then ! Just kidding...good luck on the test !
I have taken 3 writtens so far and the Commercial written was by far the easiest written. I think it was exacly like the PPL with a few other easy questions. I studied for 4 hours before I took it and got a 92. So just buck up and take it ya'll. You will pass it because how can you get 30 wrong!!
Well, the 23rd would be good, but problem is I'm going to be out of town till the evening of the 22nd and would have difficulty getting with my CFI to sign me off in time. However, I WOULD like to get it taken care of that week! My hours keep creeping towards 250 and I need to be starting in on oral exam prep, not dwelling on the stupid written.

Dazzler - go knock the bottom out of it!!

I just took mine two weeks ago after dragging my feet for about three months.
It's a good thing to have out of the way.
Well, I just took mine. 90%.

I had hoped for a tad better, but out of 10 missed, I'll betcha most of those had to do with those damn ADF questions. Most of 'em were coin-flips for me, and I even answered one by sayin' "which of the answers does 2.5 go into evenly? 30? Sold." Is this 1933 or something?

Other than that, it was a pretty easy test. I'll back up lruppert by saying that this was the easiest of the bunch so far.
Congratulations on passing the test RiddlePilot.
I find the ADF questions easier if I draw a diagram.
I scheduled my Instrument and Instrument Instructor test for Tues. the 24th
But there is a possibility that I get to take them on the 23rd depending on what the flight schedule is.
Took the test today and scored 100%

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I still haven't gotten one of those....

Congrats...that's awesome!!!