COEX Recall????


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Heard from a "reliable" source at COEX, that they planning on recalling in April sometime and maybe again in May. Anyone else out there get wind of this?
I hope!

Anything that gets a furlough off the street is good news.
It's true. I think all furloughs are scheduled to be back by the end of the year. COEX is still getting tons of jets every month.

I for one, would love to fly for COEX...

I hope this is true! Maybe by next year they will need to start hiring again. Wouldnt that be great!!!
I hope so! My instructor got hired by 2 regionals but still no luck. He has a seniority number with American Eagle (he got furloughed 2 days into his class). After that, he got hired by ACA only to be told his class date has been postponed. They (ACA) told him last week to not have any expectations till summer. I hope CoEx people who have been furloughed have better luck!
After talking to guys like my instructor, my problems seem trivial!