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CFI\'s at Ft. Pierce

Does anybody know if there is a current wait for becoming a CFI at Ft. Pierce? If there is a wait, how long of a wait? Also does anybody know of any good locations to live while attending Pan Am?
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Call the school regarding the CFI wait far as where to live while attending Pan Am.... FPR has new dorms, a pool, tennis and volleyball courts..all on campus.
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At the last student meeting this past thursday, it was said that the current wait for students is 30 days. Granted you may only get one student, at least at first. But there was some good news on the Chinese contract. We should be seeing the first 25 Chinese students arriving by the end of the month. (With more to come later in the year) Then they will go into english class (I think that will be here on campus). Once that is done they will join the rest of the students. The admin. is also working on two other contracts for students from outside the U.S.

So with that news, you can expect the wait time will be shorter than 30 days, or at the very least, it will stay the same.

The Turk.
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wow, they said the Chinese were supposed to be starting at the end of the month last October when i left the school. what ever happened with all of that, because the same things you just said were being said almost 7 months ago? was there a hold up or a snag or something for them?
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oh, about the living...if you have the resources, buy a small condo! i did just that and not only saved the projected money it would have cost for rent, but also made a pretty hefty profit within the 10 months i was there after selling it. if you get the loan from key, consider using some for a down-payment on a place. those dorms are wicked expensive.

as for the dorms, they're crazy expensive. maybe consider them for the first couple months, and at the point look elswhere around the area for an apartment.
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wicked expensive? Dak, I can tell you have readjusted to the NE way of live!! Yes, the Chinese a sort of enigma. I also remember in October they were coming. I think its just a ploy. But what do I know. I was told by the higher ups that the DOJ was holding them up for security. Not sure if I buy it. When I see it, I will beleive it. As far as 30 days, (laugh, snort, chuckle, spitting out my drink). I would say realistically, 4 months, and then maybe 2 students that don't speak english. Not really what I want to be signing my name and ticket to.. Does anyone else?
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Thanks Dak....sorry Turk....the Chinesse coming are now laughable...I am sure the hold up now is SAR's...!!!! I learned very quickly on to never believe anything they said, it's laughable. We were suppose to have a new computer system, doors that locked, you name it...never happens.
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Oh hey....don't move into the dorms...the rats are huge!!!!!
Get in touch with an insturctor or student, someone is always looking for a roommate.....get off campus, you'll spend enough time there!!! Even if you need a place to crash while your looking for some place permanent, I am sure there are plenty of us out here that would help ya out....