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Can anyone share what the interview process involves at FlightSafety? What types of questions do you get? How tough is the presentation? Do checkride grades matter? How is the Frasca sim eval? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Good question. To add to that, does anyone know when the next round of interviews is? How ealry do you need to get your name "on the list" for an interview?

The interview usually consists of two individual interviews, both one-on-one. They both were very "generic" in nature, asking me about my past work and educational experience. Then both gravitated towards my interest in aviation. I think in both cases they were looking at overall communication ability. In my second interview some technical questoins were asked, asking some FAR related topics. Minimum altitudes etc over congested areas. Some odd senarios related to that situation, I had to think a little outside the box.

The presentation topic will be given to you 24 hours in advance and you will do a formal presentation on a private or commercial manuever. You are really expected to know the maneuver inside and out, you may use the dry-erase board and a model aircraft. No overheads, videos etc....The presentation MUST be 15 minutes in length, this is very important. Come up way short or long and you're looking for trouble. Then following the presentation the panel (consisting of 4-5 check airman/chief pilot/academic instructor) will ask questions and try to shake you...They are tricky, they know more than you, they'll pick you apart if you try to act like you know more then they do. Responses should be brief, and to the point. Don't offer extra information as it becomes "fair game." Act like a big shot and they'll call you on it. So...come well prepared, be brief in reponses, and 15 minutes.

The Frasca flight is much like an IFR checkout. If you pass the presentation then you'll be given access to the Frasca at odd times. Go and practice, it'll have been a while since you've been in the box (frasca) flying instruments and multi engine. SO........I had a very basic flight including an NDB approach, an engine failure- procedure turn inbound on an ILS and I held as published off of the ILS after my engine was given back. My feeling was that they are not looking for perfection but if you're 300' off on altitude, feathering the wrong engine and getting lost in a hold well...that's not acceptable.

Are check ride grades important? The CFI check ride will play a role in the interview process. Will they care about how you did on your pre-solo check? No...But if you can go in showing a history of outstanding check rides, even better. But the CFI ride counts, the others don't matter really unless you bring them up!!
Baronman did a great job in summing up the interview process can't add a whole lot to that.

As far as signing up see Connie out at the flight line and she will set you up. She is a very nice lady and goes out of her way to help out students with the interview process. 2 minutes before I gave my presentation she came charging into the room with one of those lint rollers and gave me a once over, anyone with dogs can appreciate how difficult it is to keep your suit clean.
Yeah connie is cool....

Also, my little anecdote.

As I entered the conference room, there was only one of the panel members there. I didn't really know him but as I wrote some items on the board I miss wrote something (out of order!!). He gave me the heads up!!!
Point being they're not out to just bust balls. He realized I made a simple error, so...Don't think it's them against you.