Cessna 182T


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Got a student who owns a Cessna 182T. He is doing his instrument rating in it. What power settings for approaches have you guys used in this plane that worked for you?
No prob. I'm a big fan of both the 182T and the T182T. In 2001, the 182S (first Independence-built Skylane) was aerodynamically cleaned up and designated the 182T. They also put a turbo'd Lyc up front for the first time. Unlike other manufacturers, Cessna performance data is based on MGW. I consistently got better than book numbers when flying solo. IIRC, I was able to get 152-4 KTAS at 9000 ft in the 182T. I saw a picture of a T182T at FL200, too. They are great machines.
???? A turbo what? :)

I can believe it'll make it to FL240, but the only way it'll do 200 is in pieces. I think the mid-160's was the top published speed.

I can't wait to see how the diesel work out.

So says the book... I was laughing at it along with @Rocketman99 in the air

Empty and on fumes, it is probably possible
My bad, just remembered it being very unlikely that it would operate anywhere near there
I regularly take it up there with customers that want high altitude training. Does just fine, even at max gross. Why you'd take it up there beats me unless there's an insane tailwind, but it does it without breaking a sweat.