CDF OV-10 info please!


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I have put flying the OV-10 for CDF in my top three of perspective job picks once I'm finally done all my training. I know its isn't an "entry level job". But I wanted to see if anyone had any info on the position such as who to apply to, job locations, and of course flight time requirements. I may be 5-10 years away from being able to look into it further, but I wanted to see what kinda steps I need to take so all the ones I do take are in the right direction. If anyone personally knows a CDF pilot that would be sweet. Thanks for everyone's time.


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I think you're more than 5-10 years away. There are retired airline pilots who are flying the 337 for the CDF.

But, good luck.


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Granted I'm probably looking at more like 10-15, but was still looking to find some job info.


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I know quite a few CDF pilots and its tough to break into. Go to, there's some great information there. The best way to get on with CDF is take a summer job working at one of the tanker bases and begin to network. The Air Attack and Tanker guys are actually contract pilots who work for Dyncorp.


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Maybe you could be your foot in the door with these guys………

Air West is currently hiring pilots for all departments. The requirements are:
1200 Hours Total Time

100 Hours Cross-Country
100 Multi-Engine
Commercial Instrument Multi-Engine Land Airplane FAA Certification
****In order to be certified for USFS/OAS operations you must have at least:
1500 Hours Total Time
500 Hours Cross-Country