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passed my private checkride V-day morning and am hoping you'll advise me on what to do do i get in contact for a phone interview with the VP.Man i'm stoked, so happy to have that ride out of the way. I have had my nose buried in every book i had for the last 5 weeks and it finally paid off. I posted in the checkride forum if anyone's interested but hopefully ill hear from you soon Captain.


First of all... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a wonderful valentines day gift to yourself!

Seriously... do you realize you just accomplished something that less than 1 percent of the population has done?? It is quite a feat. Can't wait to read about it!

Second, if you wish to proceed with ATP... be sure you have done your research and have looked at all the other options for flight training out there. You want to be sure you are making the right choice. To help aid in your decision, I'd recommend calling the 800 number (800-255-2877) and setting up a free tour or interview at the location of your choosing. That will set you up for the next step (which includes an interview with the VP).

Calling the 800 number also get's you in contact with our financial aid department and you can have your questions answered in this area if it is needed as well.

Hopefully we get to see you in Dallas, but if you decide on another location, then I'm sure we'd still see you on your cross country phase while passing through!

Let me know if I can answer any other specific questions for you and congratulations again!


PS: Keep dodgeing those bullets on 270!
PPS: What part of Columbus do you live in? I used to live in Hilliard.

Im looking into the Dallas or Stuart location.

I live in Newark which is actually 30 east of columbus and that sniper....his last hit was about 5 min from my gonna take my new license and fly over the highways lookin for him.

haha....not gone yet...although i figured if i caught him....or he caught me circling over head he would prob blow me out of the sky...(or try)


give me your opinion

I wanna go to Dallas because of the climate and the airspace.
I did all of my flying out of a small uncontrolled airfield and have a little experience with the columbus and dayton, c airspace...but i figure flying out of dallas would be really beneficial.

I wanna go to Stuart for the climate and the belief that there is less students.

Tell me what you think...i want:

1) warm climate
2) low amount of students at that location
3) little distractions (this excludes lauderdale)

So to sum it up warm and most benficial learning experience.

ive said the same thing about three times in a i'll end here and you take it away.


First off,

Let me just say that I'm glad you value my opinion. That means alot to me, and I'm not sure where or how that started but... thanks.

Secondly... I have not been to Stuart, so I can not give you an adequate description of the location. I will say this... I've heard that it is a nice location, and I do know that all the instructors at each location are top notch.

Getting far away from your home during training is a good idea. The least amount of distractions you have, the better off you are for this concentrated training.

Also, Dallas was a good location for me, because of the Airspace. I really learned alot training out of there. We always had an Arrival or Departure Procedure issued when coming or going IFR, and there is a tremendously diverse amount of traffic in the area that you get used to. If you can fly in and out of Dallas then you can pretty much fly in and out of anywhere.

Also, Dallas has the Rangers, Stars, Cowboys, Six-Flags, The West-End Dallas, Sundance Square Ft. Worth, and tons of stuff to do in the mid-cities. However, I'm rather fond of the Beach myself so I couldn't blame you for going to Stuart. Lastly, If you train in Dallas, you have more potential for going more places on your Cross Country phase. It seems that if you train on the east or west coast, you stay pretty much in that area... but here in the middle of the country, you can pretty much go anywhere.

That's it... I know it may sound as if I'm partial to Dallas, but that's where I currently instruct and as a result, I'm rather fond of it. But, I'd get as much information as you can and make an informed decision.

Good Luck to you Falcon, and stay safe in the skies!

Captain Bob:

Isn’t the Citation training conducted in and around the JAX location since I saw it hangered in JAX? If so wouldn’t the west coast students have to fly x-c to JAX for it, or does ATP fly the Citation out to the ACPP locations?


Both situations occur. The Citation often makes a whirlwind trip across the US to pick up Career Pilots at various locations to do their Citation ride. Other times the Career Pilots will do a XC to Jax to do their ride. You never know... but... I will say this... it was one of the highlights of my program.

My Flight partner and I flew the Seminole to JAX for CFI school and picked it up there. I flew it to Atlanta and then to Raleigh Durham and my Flight Partner flew it back. Conversely, we just had a couple of Career pilots from SAC fly the Seminole here to Dallas and then up to Tulsa to get picked up by the Citation as it was heading across the country. I guess you just never know.

Well... i like the way Dallas is trying to steer away from the beach cause i wont wanna gonna come visit dallas i think...couple questions:

1) Is ATP actually on DFW
2) How many instructors are there at Dallas ATP
3) How many students at Dallas ATP
4) What are the chances of flying with captain bob
5) What are the chances of getting hired on with ATP after ACPP

back for more later

thanks again

1) Is ATP actually on DFW
Yes... It's in the heart of DFW in Arlington. Pretty much equal distance to Dallas and Fort Worth.

2) How many instructors are there at Dallas ATP
4 Instructors in Dallas.

3) How many students at Dallas ATP
A couple of different answers to that question. We have Career Pilots, and Short Program students (ATP's, Multi Add-ons, MEI/I's and ASAP's) At this time we have about 8 career pilots in varying stages of the program, and we just finished up about 4 others this week. We also have about 4-6 short program students a week on average.

4) What are the chances of flying with captain bob
There's a pretty good chance!
I'm currently doing short programs and add-on's but I'm sure I'll be getting Career Pilots as we get busier this spring and summer. If not, then I'd still most likely be able to fly with you if you have any XC time to burn in the 172, and I could very well be doing one or more of your add-on's (SE-Com, SE-CFI, II). Your primary instructor that you are assigned to usually takes you through your Multi-Private, Multi-Instrument, Multi-Commercial.

5) What are the chances of getting hired on with ATP after ACPP
Always a good question. I'm sure you've read other folks stories on here, and heard pretty much the same thing I'm about to tell you... ATP is always looking for good quality instructors. If your desire is to be an instructor with them then let your intentions be known upfront. Doing this puts an onus on you to be professional, study, work hard, get along with others (students, instructors, dispatchers, etc.), because you have to think of the training program as a 90 day job interview. By then end of the program your instructor, Dispatch, Management, and even your fellow students will have a good idea if you will be a good instructor. You will too. Put your resume in at the end and hope for the best... but if you gave your best throughout the program, then I think you'll be happy with the outcome. Lastly... do not forget about all the other FBO's out there that would love to have you as an instructor. Network, network, network! Don't put all your eggs into the ATP basket. If all goes well, then ideally you'd want to be in a position of comparing offers from flight schools instead of just hoping to get hired by one and only one.

Hope that helps! Hope to meet you soon if you make it to Dallas!


I am enjoying hearing all about the ATP program, but please, as a native of Arlington, please don't call it ATP Dallas. If anything, you can call it Ft. Worth, since it's in Tarrant County.
I know your company refers to it as DFW, but Arlington is a small city of, what, close to 400,000 by now.

I am actually looking at doing my MEI in Arlington and will (hopefully) be there in April or May...I will schedule with the 1-800 #. I have already popped my head into your offices and am looking forward to ATP. I have heard nothing but good things about the training.

txpilot freezing in RI
Captain Bob,

Is there any way i would be able to talk to the VP before i go.
because i want to see if i even have the chance of getting into the program before i spend a ton of money to come down there.

thanks again,

Hey, Seth,

Just thought I'd chime in here...

The interview is NOT that difficult. They really just want to get an idea of who you are and to make sure you're serious about the program and willing/able to spend the time it takes to get through in the allotted time.

They want to make sure that you know what you're supposed to know at the program entry level (private pilot stuff). There is a small test and a stint in the simulator. Just look over the knowledge for private pilot and you'll be just fine.

They also want to get a rough idea of how well you learn. They do that by teaching you a new concept--something that you will likely run into during the program, but something that you are not familiar with. During the short lesson, the instructor will assess how well you soak in the new info and may ask you a few questions about what you just learned.

It's not that bad. I got a passing, but not a super, grade on my test and I thought I sucked in the sim, although he said I did ok.

Before I went for the interview, I called the 800 number a few times and talked to several of the people out there, including the VP and the lady in charge of finanical aid. Just ask and if they're available, they'll talk to you. But dont expect to do your phone interview with the VP until after you do the other parts first.

One thing you may want to consider is that I dont think you have to go to Dallas to do the interview... if there is an ATP location closer (ie, cheaper) you can probably just do the interview there, even if they don't normally do the Career Pilot Program there--assuming they have a simulator. Just call the 800 number and ask.

As Bob mentioned earlier, there isnt a ton to see in Dallas. It's more like a working office than what you might expect. There is a busy main office where the four instructors do the administrative work, a few classrooms that are really designed for an instructor and a student or two, and the simulator. Of course, there are the planes--and Dallas usually only has the 2000 Seminoles and one Cessna.

I hope this info helped (I am currently in the program at Dallas, started January 5). Let me know if you need any clarifications or more info from me.

Cool, thanks for the info....i was concerned mostly about the 2 years college experience. I will be graduating this june and really am looking forward to hopefully going to ATP. My cfi went there and he has nothing but the best to say about the program,...and the multi time...sure what is your opinion about me not having all of the college time required. I have about 20 credit hours through the local community college but thats it.

thanks in advance,


sorry if some of this didnt grammatically make sense but im in a hurry.later
they don't really care about college. that's why they say or "work experience" . or something like that. i think they just want to see that your not flakey can commit to something. no flight school wants to see a student drop out. then they have to give you your money back. i've met students and instructors with no college experience. i believe you can interview for the program at any of the locations but double check with them. go in, interview and you'll do fine. most importantly, HAVE FUN. it's a hell of a ride.