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I'm contemplating taking the tests to become a ground instructor. Right now I'm lacking time and a few other "minor" details to be able to get to my CFI at the moment. Are the GI certificates worth the effort?

From what I understand, the requirements are taking the FOI and the associated GI test. Am I missing anything?
If you don't ever care about being a gold seal,


If you don't have a place near by that will actually hire you on to use it,

I would say no, save the money that you would have spent on the written.

If you do decide to do it, don't do the BGI, just do the AGI from the start.
I was/am in the same boat and took the test and landed a gig as an IGI. I am slowly working towards the CFI ratings and felt that getting the AGI/IGI would cost a couple of bucks but the study time was priceless. I have been an IGI for two months and the ROI is all ready positive.
That's kinda what I was thinking... I'd have to take the FOI and study the same material anyway. The only cost differential would be one testing session, which is less than 1 hr of flight time anyway.
I see no reason not to do it. It'll be the cheapest rating you will ever buy and it's just one more thing to add to a resume that'll set you apart from everyone else. It's even easier to get than the MEI rating (which is a joke in itself)
If you have time to get them, go for it, but don't miss out on studying some of the other stuff for your CFI if time is an issue. On a side note I always tell my students to take the IGI test when they take their instrument written if they ever plan to instruct. Its like buying a rating for the cost of the test. In the grand scheme of things though it doesn't do much if you aren't going to have someone that will hire you to use it. Also, as said previously don't bother with the BGI just take the AGI